Project FEED

Welcome to Project FEED!

The aim of Project FEED is to create a film that both highlights and celebrates the diversity of dairy farming in the UK and Ireland. Project FEED asks UK and Irish dairy farmers to participate by contributing short video clips of their farms.

What is Adam asking you to do now?

  1. Read the ‘Project Brief’
  2. Digitally sign and return the ‘Video Participation Form’ to Adam.

What’s next?

  • Follow Adam on Instagram for updates: @dairylexicon
  • Look out for your brownie box in the post with the filming instruction booklet inside.

3. Use the instruction booklet to take video clips and send to Adam via WhatsApp.

To participate in Project FEED, please read the Project Brief below and then complete and return the Video Participation Form.

2. Video Participation Form

NEW deadline Friday 23rd October

4. Make your booklet.

This requires you to be able to print on a A4 piece of paper.

5. Film your farm.

Take video using the instructions provided.

6. Send your videos.

Details are in the instructions.

NEW deadline Friday 13th November

In order to produce the film Adam needs to gather video clips from dairy farms of all types and scales, however, as you can appreciate, travelling at this time is both difficult and risky because of COVID-19. In order to fully realise this project, I am asking if you would be willing to help Adam gather some short video clips using your smartphone.

As an artist interested in agricultural and dairy farming, he has experience working closely with key stake holders for his own and other arts projects which include farmers, museums, institutions and academics.

Adam is passionate and motivated to help educate people about what modern dairy farming looks like in the UK and Ireland today. As a son of a dairy farmer he understands some of the challenges that dairy farming can bring, particularly when engaging with the general public. His mission is to engage rural and urban demographics in conversations about dairy farming raising questions such as: What does it look like, why is this good farming practice and how can we make it better? Project FEED sets out to simply and clearly compare, highlight and champion what modern dairy farming looks like.

Adam would really appreciate your contribution to Project FEED, and he asks if you would look at the ‘Project Brief’ and digitally complete and sign the ‘Video Participation Form’ if you are happy to contribute.

As a way of thanking you for your contribution to Project FEED, Adam has organised for the first 20 farmers who agree to take part to receive a delicious brownie box from Porsham Cakes, based at Porsham Farm Devon! So don’t leave it too long or you will miss out!

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