HaikuMoo 2021 is an interactive, educational, art drawing workshop developed by Adam Stead and Jon Lockhart.

Link to the HaikuMoo Workshop Website coming soon!

The workshop is designed specifically for 7-11 year olds and family groups with the goal of educating and informing new audiences about dairy cows.

Participants are guided through a drawing process which references instructional artworks by E-Fluxes in tandem with the exquisite corpse drawing method to draw a cow.

Once participants have drawn their cow, whilst learning some ‘cow facts’ along the way, the cows (drawings of) can be sent to the collecting yard ready to be put out to pasture in the virtual field.

Screen shot: Interactive HaikuMoo Workshop Website

HaikuMoo was primarily developed as a commission for the Museum of English Rural Life as part of ‘51 Voices‘. The workshop has been delivered to online audiences, via Zoom, and class room environments in schools.