Project FEED is the first project to launch through this platform and has been developed through a creative partnership with Dr Orla Shortall from The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen. The aim of Project FEED is to create a film that both highlights and celebrates the diversity of dairy farming in the UK and Ireland. Project FEED asks UK and Irish dairy farmers to participate by contributing short video clips of their farms. The goal is to simply answer the question:

Are you a dairy farmer? See Take Part! for more details.

Complete your ‘Video Participation Form’ by FRIDAY 23RD October.

Be sure to send your videos by FRIDAY 13TH November!

The Dairy Lexicon is an online project space setup by Artist Adam Stead.

This website takes it name from the publication ‘BOVINE The Dairy Lexicon’ written by Adam which prompted the development of further work to explore modern dairy farming through remote working methods during COVID-19. This project space is intended to be a central repository for work undertaken in creative spaces exploring contemporary dairy farms.

Adam is passionate and motivated to help educate people about what modern dairy farming looks like in the UK and Ireland today. As a son of a dairy farmer he understands some of the challenges that dairy farming can bring, particularly when engaging with the general public. His mission is to engage rural and urban demographics in conversations about dairy farming raising questions such as: What does it look like, why is this good farming practice and how can we make it better? Project FEED sets out to simply and clearly compare, highlight and champion what modern dairy farming looks like.